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I added in the option for plan dimensions for walls not too long ago:

I’m wondering if there is a way to setup an observer (SketchUp API feature) such that one could hover over a dimension one wants to modify and then after a couple of seconds the dimension would highlight and then one could click it, at that point an edit menu would be called and then the user could modify the wall layout/dimensions simply by editing the dimensions.

I’m not very versed in observers, in fact I think I’ve probably only used them once in almost 8 years of working with the Ruby API so I don’t even know if something like this is possibly.

The problem is that the dimensions are buried within the actual wall group/assembly and so it is not just as easy as clicking on them.


@DanRathbun where you at busy bee? :grin:

Version 3.1.9 - 07.12.2023

  • Added an “Edit Dimension” tool to the Medeek Wall Tools toolbar (editing of plan dimension only).
  • Enabled editing of plan dimensions for all wall types (door, window, garage, wall length).
  • Fixed a bug with plan dimensions (in 2D Mode).

Note that this new tool can only be used to edit “plan” dimensions. Framing dimensions are currently not editable. This update was per customer request.

Note that this feature also works in 2D mode.

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Tutorial 36 - Editing Dimensions (7:55 min.)

Check out my suggestion here.


Version 3.2.0 - 07.15.2023

  • Enabled editing of plan dimensions for tee intersections of all wall types.

When you modify the dimension of a tee intersection it actually invokes the plugin’s “move wall” tool behind the scenes, which then moves the target wall as well as adjusts any connected walls and finally it regens the primary wall. A lot going on here.

Larry Belk specifically requested this feature, and I was considering it once I began making the dimensions interactive for windows and doors. To be perfectly honest I knew it would make things a bit more complicated and involved with dimensions and their editing, however I’m glad I’ve managed to check this box and it seems to be working as it should.

This is actually a fairly substantial upgrade to the plugin and a increase in functionality and efficiency, I will probably make a new tutorial video explaining the details shortly.


Tutorial 37 - Moving Walls (16:03 min.)


Feature Request: import and export all presets, materials, headers, etc and global settings for each plug-in. Maybe a even a button in Medeek Project that would do all the plug-ins at once.


I do like this idea, I will give it some thought.


I would consider examining the system contained in the Lord of The Toolbars by @Fredo6 that is used to add update and sync tool pallets.

This has been a tedious thing to deal with when moving to another version or computer.

Fredo’s system allows me to use a single .dat file to load my tool bars. You can sync the file (overwriting all current pallets), or add only specific pallets (keeping your current pallets).

You know how your stuff works, so do what works best.

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In my Building Creator I use check boxes to select which settings to include in the import/export. I also include an option to reset the settings to default.



Here is a todo list for the Wall Plugin, some ideas that I am currently floating:

1.) Global Settings Import/Export
2.) Wall Numbering Tool
3.) Wall Corner Tool
4.) Adding more dimensions and additional details to the framing dimension option.
5.) Max. wall panel length option

This list is not in any particular order. The wall numbering tool would be quite easy to implement and quite useful in my opinion. Currently one can change the wall numbers/labels however it is a bit laborious since the edit menu must be accessed for each wall panel that needs updating.


To accommodate items 2 and 3 it will require an additional toolbar (Medeek Wall Tools II) with two icons:



Version 3.2.1 - 07.25.2023

  • Added the Medeek Wall Tools II toolbar.
  • Added the Wall Numbering tool to the Medeek Wall Tools II toolbar.
  • Added the Edit Corners tool to the Medeek Wall Tools II toolbar.

This update is for Mike and Larry, but I think it will prove useful to many others as well. I will need to make another tutorial video explaining these two new tools.


What does the corner button do exactly?


Exactly, that is why I need to make a tutorial video. It is simply a tool of convenience, you can do the same thing with the wall edit tool, except that you can do things much quicker with this new tool. I will demonstrate.


Tutorial 38 - Wall Numbers and Corners (12:05 min.)


You do absolutely amazing work. Thank you so much.

The reason why it is a good idea to be able to quickly change corners, which actually means which wall runs long and which wall butts into it, is when building wall panels, on site or offsite, there are times when you want to have a wall run long in an area where you first raise a wall so that it’s easier to raise the connecting walls to it. These decisions get made during the design phase and having this ability to quickly change corners will be super valuable to wall penalizing people who use SketchUp.

For example, in a hotel, or apartment, it is just a bunch of the same room, either flipped horizontally or mirrored across the hall, and once a room has all the walls configured correctly, it becomes very fast to build multiples of everything, and it’s just a matter of labeling and stacking correctly to be most efficient when erecting the walls on the job site.


Version 3.2.2 - 07.26.2023

  • Enabled the use of custom materials for sheathing, cladding and gypsum within the Sheathing tab of the Global Settings.
  • Enabled the use of custom materials for cavity insulation within the Insulation tab of the Global Settings.

This update per customer request.