Medeek Wall

That looks like overkill on the number of studs. I’m all for doing everything well, but whatever the finishes are can probably bend to the desired shape with 1/2 to 1/3 as many studs, at least on the outside wall.


I agree. Going with the assumption (I know never assume) that it’s for a stair well, I would have cut the plates on CNC marked the studs out on the radii of the curves matched one for one, one at beginning of each step and one at the middle, if that makes sense. As for the joists I don’t know, to many unknowns.

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Version 1.5.8 - 08.01.2020

  • Fixed a bug with all wall assemblies when auto-assigment of materials is turned off in the global settings.

I’ve designed and built hundreds of these. Here is a sketchup example


Those curved walls are a thing of beauty, no doubt. With the floor joists I guess they would just butt into the curved rim joist and rest (bear) on the curved stud wall.

The framers would throw in a temporary straight wall section to support the joists. They would leave the joists long and leave the floor ply overhanging.

We built the tread assemblies in the shop and bring them out to the job site


Version 1.5.8b - 08.02.2020

  • Added a semi-transparent polygon fill to the draw wall tool wireframe.
  • Added an option for vertical ZIP Systems© 7/16" and 1/2" wall sheathing materials.

View model here:

Version 1.5.9 - 08.18.2020

  • Added the “Basic Options” parameters to the Wall tab of the Global Settings.

I’m not sure why these parameters never got added to the global settings a long time ago but I guess better late than never.

Version 1.5.9b - 08.18.2020

  • Fixed a bug with gypsum when applied to the end condition for interior shed walls.

Version 1.5.9c - 08.19.2020

  • Fixed a floating point rounding error in the blocking and cavity insulation modules for all walls.

No bells and whistles tonight. Sometimes it’s just about putting out the fires.

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Version 1.6.0 - 08.23.2020

  • Enabled variable king stud and trimmer stud widths for garage doors (non-portal frame).

Version 1.6.0b - 08.23.2020

  • Added the ability to create, load and delete garage door presets within the Edit and Draw (HTML) Menus.
  • Fixed a bug with reading in presets from the door and window edit menus.

Version 1.6.1 - 08.26.2020

  • All gable wall types (gable, hip, shed) now include the option to enter in the wall slope as a pitch or angle.

Does anyone know what this style of garage door opening is called?

I don’t see it as much anymore, I think it was more popular about 20-30 years ago. I’m looking at the beveled or truncated upper corners of the garage door opening.

Probably Dog eared is as good as anything.

Always heard them referred to as “ Carriage House “ style . Were supposed to give the look of the doors on pre-auto carriage house. Don’t know if they had an official name…

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They are called Dutch Corners.


Carriage House is a door style. I think Nathan was referring to the 45 degree corners. The Dutch Corners are typically 12" which comes out to about 17" measured across the angle.


Thanks Neil, I know I’ve heard that term before but I guess they aren’t used enough to be in common construction vernacular or my memory doesn’t serve me well.

For completeness I think it would be a good idea to add the option for arched garage doors and dutch corners. The algorithms for arched doors already exist within the man door module and the geometry of dutch corners is very simple. Give me a couple of days and I will knock this one out.