Medeek Wall Plugin


The opening move tool is now complete and I am now working on the wall move tool along with the wall polyline creation tool and the auto-config for wall corners. This is the last major item(s) on the todo list prior to release. All other items are fairly minor in comparison and constitute mere housekeeping rather than actual significant development.

View model here:


Every stud, plate and header is there, if you want it.

Given a few more months of development and this thing will blow your socks and hats clean off.

Addressed some major issues and stability today so I’m pretty upbeat.


I’ve added a callout option so that when the designer is in the 2D mode the window and door sizes and types are called out:

This particular option can only be set in the global settings.



Yup, the doors above are Right Hand by all standards I’ve known.



I guess I got it backwards then.


Easy to fix I’m guessing.
The old timers would teach the young’ns put your “butt” to the butt hinges and swing your arm where the door would swing and there’s your handing.



Yup, not a big deal, just a couple lines of code need adjusting


DIN: (Deutsche Industry Norm)


In Finland door handedness is denoted the other way round (according to OUT swing). We also have a standard where handedness is indicated by a number from 1 to 4 .


That’s interesting and not even slightly surprising.
It seems like I’ve run into some confusion here on certain storm doors using the opposite convention.



It seems like you’re working to another standard.

Determine door handing as follows:

  • stand in the door swing
  • face the door in the closed position
  • which side are the hinges located?
  • that’s your handedness

As per Mike’s DIN image above.


As the image said

Door handing or door swing terminology may differ depending on supplier or region.

I’ve seen architects specify the handness as per door manufacturer and I’ve seen draftsman leave it off entirely.


That’s where our Finnish system probably originates from, too.
Our newer system also indicates how the door is related to the space it leads to. This is essential for the correct placement of locks and panic hardware, for instance:


Once everyone has arrived at an agreed upon naming convention I will update the plugin, otherwise it currently stands as is. Can someone please post the correct conventions with all four possible configurations.

The four possible configurations the designer can input in the plugin are:



On a slightly different note as I am working on the wall move and auto-corner config modules I’ve also been thinking about bill of materials.

It really would not be too hard to have the plugin spit out a list (csv) of all of the doors, windows, studs etc… of all the wall panels found within a model.

Any thoughts on this? I will release the plugin first before diving into this rabbit hole but it is now on my “todo” list.



Why not leave it up to a translation File. With my CabMaker extension even English users can modify translations so they can call things the way they want.

So start with your current 4 strings and let users decide what they want.


I guess I could do that and make it easy on myself, but I would like to have it default to the four configs given above for the layperson to start with.


My translator would default to what is passed in if there is no translation.
It gives the user a default and an easy place to start if they want to make a change.

‘LH IN’ = ‘’
‘LH OUT’ = ‘’
‘RH IN’ = ‘’
‘RH OUT’ = ‘’


Where I am in the Northeast US, it’s always been “put your but to the butt” thing @Shep mentioned. As I understood it, Reverse Bevel is really only a matter of the lockset hardware, but as far as carpentry goes, a Right Hand Reverse door is the same millwork wise as a left hand door.

Brosco Page on Door Handing