Medeek Wall Plugin

Had to take a break from the plugin code for a few days and migrate my server to a new better arrangement in Seattle. One of those necessary evils of running a primarily online business.

Happy to say that I think I’ve made the transition successfully (after a few stressful days and all nighters). Hopefully back in the saddle today and looking at the window/door modules and generic walls, this one should be interesting.

Still a few more kinks to work out with the server migration, so it has held my attention until now…

Version 1.2.2 - 01.25.2020

  • Added (segmental and half round) arched half glass double doors to the door module.
  • Added (segmental and half round) arched full glass double doors to the door module.

View model here:

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Is there any call for a door with oval glass?

I think Medeek Doors & Windows should be a separate extension from Medeek Walls. Perhaps if Medeek Walls would be able to recognize these openings made (or moved, even by 3rd party extensions or manual methods) then that would be good.

Workflow wise it doesn’t make sense programming doors & windows in from the start (or early on), these things often changes (and may change often).

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Is there ever a situation where you need more than three king studs or three trimmer studs? I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than this framed up next to a door or window but I’m sure there are special circumstances.

New codes are getting more elaborate about king studs, and, as I understand it, the total number of studs tends to be about the number of studs taken out by an opening. If so, that would mean a 16’ bi-parting slder would end up with 6 king studs at each side. Yup, that’s a lot of wood. My understanding is it’s for resistance of lateral loads perpendicular to the wall surface.

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Version 1.2.3 - 01.30.2020

  • Enabled up to four king and/or four trimmer studs for windows.
  • Enabled up to four king and/or four trimmer studs for doors.
  • Enabled up to four king and/or four trimmer studs for garage doors.

Eight studs deep may seem a bit excessive but it’s there if you need it.

View models here:

Version 1.2.4 - 02.07.2020

  • Fixed a bug with the gypsum wrap for rectangular and arched door openings of interior walls.

Version 1.2.4b - 02.08.2020

  • Added a T1-11 built-in material into the material library.
  • Fixed the move wall tool so that it no longer requires a negative number for offsetting to the exterior side of the wall.
  • Enabled the display of the offset dimension next to the blue movement arrow for the move wall tool.

The elimination of the negative offset should make the wall move tool a lot more intuitive to use. Please feel free to give me further feedback in this regard.

In some cases you may frame up something like this:

Rather than a tee intersection you have two walls forming a corner and then a third wall tying in at the corner. Currently I really don’t have a good solution for this scenario since one would probably need to offset the sheathing or gypsum back where the tertiary wall ties in.

I will need to give this some further thought. Any ideas or suggestions are always welcome.

I’ve identified a possible bug or issue where the top plate cutout algorithm tries to cut out a zero thickness slice from the adjacent top plate in this particular scenario, I will release a fix for that shortly.

Version 1.2.5 - 02.15.2020

  • Enabled custom materials (Material Library) for all doors and windows: Trim, Casing, Door Frame, Door, Window Frame, Shutters.
  • Addressed a minor bug with multiple walls coming together at a corner.


This latest update is a necessary and major rewrite of the window and door modules. As such, this update will break compatibility with previous versions of the Wall plugin. It is highly suggested not to upgrade to this latest version for existing projects that were created with previous versions of the plugin.

Version 1.2.5b - 02.17.2020

  • Fixed a critical bug with the recently updated window and door edit menus.

This is a critical bug fix to Version 1.2.5. When the source code was compiled for this version the updated HTML files (window and door edit menus) were somehow not updated as they should have been. I strongly suggest that you update from version 1.2.5 to version 1.2.5b, otherwise you may not be able to edit your windows and doors.

I’ve had a number of requests recently for an air gap for the interior of the wall (air gap between the framing and gypsum).

It seems this air gap is typically for furring strips or possibly a foam insulation layer.

I don’t think it will be much of an effort to add this additional feature but I just want to gather further feedback and see if there is enough interest in taking the time to include an extra interior air gap parameter.

Please feel free to comment or send me comments directly to

Working on the Wall Stretch Tool this morning.

Essentially I’ve boiled this tool down to a three click process:

1.) Select the Wall that you want to stretch or shrink.

2.) Select the start or end of the wall panel:

3.) Then select the new position of the wall start/end. (A wire frame is provided along with a dimension). The user can either select the position or key in the amount to stretch or shrink.

This feature is in many ways related to the move tool since stretching a wall will also move any attached walls at the affect corner. Additionally when the start of the wall is moved the location of any features within the wall must be relocated so that they maintain their position, just a few things to think about.

I’ve also setup the tool so that when you select the wall start or end you don’t have to actually select within the circles shown. The tool will calculate how far your mouse click is away from each end and select the end which is closest to the mouse click.

Is this the proper place to ask questions about the Wall plugin?

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You can ask questions here, or on my own forum here:

You can email me at

Or you can call me at 425-652-4188 (sometimes I don’t answer since I may be on a call with another customer, especially in the mornings).

I can’t seem to find the setting for adding gypsum to both sides of an interior wall.

The videos I found seem to be for an earlier release. Are there video tutorials for more current versions? Thanks.

After some more experimenting, I found the solution: INT-INT


When I use “regen-wall assembly”, I keep getting a change in wall length (see below). No other changes are made to the wall assembly.

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That is interesting behavior. Can you send me the model you have shown and I will analyze it further.