Medeek Wall Plugin


Version 1.0.3 - 02.11.2019

  • Fixed a bug in the display of the toolbars (Mac and Windows).
  • Added a trimmer extend option to extend trimmers up to bottom of header when a built-up header is used that has a bottom plate.

In certain jurisdictions the trimmers (jack studs) must extend to the bottom of the actual header and not to just the bottom plate of the built-up header. This option allows one to set this per window and also within the global settings.

The toolbar bug is probably more apparent to Mac users but technically also affects Windows users as well.


How difficult would it be to have door and window framing automatically generate based on 3D Warehouse doors and windows? Of course only necessary if the desired look cannot be achieved within the Wall plugin. It would be nice to assign Medeek attribute data to custom openings. If openings are automatically at same level within outliner (based on a few videos linked in previous post) should make it easier to create door & window schedules in LayOut.


Version 1.0.4 - 02.14.2019

  • Added logic to the final assembly routine to allow for electrical components (Medeek Electrical) to be retained within wall panels.

Previous versions of the Wall plugin will not be compatible with the new Medeek Electrical plugin. You will be able to create electrical components but as soon as you rebuild or modify a wall it will blow away all of your electrical components.


blow away?


Try using the Wall plugin with the new Electrical plugin and then re-build one of your walls, you will see what I mean. When you rebuild all of the electrical components you’ve added will be erased. However, with version 1.0.4 they will be properly retained.


Any recommended best practices for connecting wall assemblies and truss (subfloor) assembly for second story open-to-below (first story living room open-to-above)?

Also, has window “stacking” been resolved/enabled?


I’ve been investigating the window stacking issues further with a contractor out of Alberta in the last couple of weeks. The roadblock on this one has always been how to handle stacked windows that are offset rather than lined up. I think I’ve finally devised an algorithm that will work but since the permutations on this one can be so exhausting it may not cover every possibility.

I will commit my algorithm to code and then give it some further testing.


It might be useful to have a button somewhere in the global settings that allows one to reset all of the settings to the initial installed settings, essentially reset the entire plugin with a single action.

Any thoughts on this?

I think a few settings such as the serial number one would not want to reset.


What about editing multiple wall assemblies at the same time? E.g. exterior walls originally designed with default cladding material and then later being able to change the cladding material of those assemblies all at once.