Medeek Wall Plugin


One known issue with the latest upgrades applies to users who have previously installed the plugin. Once you upgrade to the latest version, click on the global settings and then the layers tab. This will reinitialize the layers settings for the plugin.

This only applies to users that are upgrading and that also have the layers option enabled in the global settings.

It should be noted that while the plugin is in BETA I will not be expending any energy in maintaining backward compatibility with previous versions of the plugin. This would only serve to bloat the code and slow down the development and progress. Once the plugin is out of BETA then maintaining backwards compatibility will become more of an issue.


I’ve introduced a start and end parameter for the wainscoting which allows for partial wainscoting on exterior walls:

View model here:

This feature has been requested a number of times in that last month so it managed to float to the top.

You’ll notice in the model I’ve also included an oval window. The wainscoting code did not include the oval window logic (somehow I missed that) so I added it in.


Version 0.8.7d - 07.22.2018

  • Added a start and end parameter for exterior wainscoting, which allows for partial wainscoting of a wall panel.
  • All window grille types extended to half glass and full glass doors (single/double).


Ext. Wainscoting is complicated. Currently all I have is Mode 1 in the logic:

For example in Mode 3 you may start with full height brick then drop down to a half height and then terminate all on one wall panel.

With the start and end offsets set to zero the result for any of the different modes would be exactly the same, they really only come into play when you begin offsetting the wainscoting from the right and/or left.


Version 0.8.8 - 07.24.2018

  • Added an additional “mode” parameter for exterior wainscoting, which allows for multiple configurations of partial wainscoting.

There are now four modes however there are other modes possible but I think I have spent enough time on this for now until further requests propel this to the top of the list again.

View models here:


Version 0.8.9 - 07.25.2018

  • Added the CMU framing mode for concrete block wall construction.

Currently the CMU mode is mostly the same as the “No Framing” mode with a few subtle differences:

1.) Concrete block texture is applied to vertical and horizontal faces of the wall solid to simulate a block wall.

2.) Round openings in the wall are cut out to follow the curve of the window or door.

3.) Description of the group (solid) has CMU in the text. This will be important in later releases as the estimating and engineering modules are developed and implemented.

As I receive further input on this new wall type I’m sure additional features will need to be added to fully bring the CMU wall framing mode up to speed.

View model here:


Version 0.8.9b - 07.25.2018

  • Stud/Wall Depth and Width parameters added to the Walls tab of the Global Settings.

For CMU walls you will want to disable the standard stud sizes and then specify the wall/stud width (ie. 7.625") with the Walls tab of the global settings. Also set the framing mode to “CMU” if desired.

When creating the walls one would probably turn off the advanced wall options since gypsum, sheathing, trim and cladding are usually not needed for this wall type but if required all of the options are available for this wall type as well.

One additional note to add is that if you are upgrading the plugin and currently using the layers feature you will want to open up the layers tab of the global settings, so as to reinitialize the layers. Again to reiterate I am not maintaining backward compatibility yet. I’ve added an additional layer option for CMU block, that is the reason for this action.


Is there anyway you can think of for us to help spread the word? I think we all benefit from your success in some way and I’d be glad to put in a little work to help share this with people. I don’t exactly have a big network or anything but I figure something as simple as a Reddit thread mentioning it could potentially generate a sale.


Just spreading the word through posts on social media are probably the easiest and quickest way to get the message out. Even though I post here on an almost daily basis I also occasionally post on my Facebook and Linkedin accounts.

Twitter, Reddit etc… its all good. Most of you architects and designers out there have a network of professional friends who would be at least interested in giving the plugin a quick look I am sure. Admittedly it is still not where it needs to be in my honest opinion, hence I have not pulled it out of BETA status just yet, but I am getting closer and progress has been fairly steady.

Be sure to check out the changelog for an up-to-date look at the items that have been addressed or added:


Version 0.8.9c - 07.26.2018

  • Added double, triple and quad casement windows to the window draw and edit modules.
  • Resolved a bug in the window and door attribute library modules.

I’m not sure if the callouts are really visible with this image but they are formatted like so:

(3) 2040CSMT (for the 3 lite 6040 window)

This update is per customer request.

View model here:

I’ve also been thinking quite a bit about integration with other plugins and how I can best facilitate that plugin-to-plugin communication.

My first thought is that the under the hood structure of the wall is actually fully exposed already and can be modified with any other third party plugin. Everything required to build the wall is contained within the attribute library of the wall panel group (outermost container). I will be publishing a specification which delineates each value and position within the attribute library so other plugin authors can easily obtain or set this information as required and have an exact understanding of what each parameter is.

I will also be assembling an API so that another plugin author can cut holes in the walls for openings (windows and doors) and also rebuild the wall panels etc… I’m not exactly sure on all of the details yet but hopefully this will make the plugin more accessible to other plugin authors and allow for better integration.


A couple of segmental arches and a quinto acuto and equilateral gothic arch:

Selecting either an arch or gothic arch geometry will enable the “Window Arch Radius” parameter as shown in the edit window menu above.


Arched window openings now have exterior trim and wainscoting enabled:

For those interested this is the underlying equations that I’m using to calculate a gothic arch:

Notice that the center of the arch is at the same height as the springline but the lateral placement of the center of the arch is driven by the radius since the arch is tangent to the vertical . A classic quinto acuto gothic arch has a radius that is 4/5 of the width of the opening, whereas an equilateral arch will be radius = width.


These arched windows and their grilles (Prairie Style shown) were a bit more than I was wanting to bite off when I started into them this morning but perseverance won over in the end and I finally got them sorted out:

The half round springline window is created by setting the radius to half the window opening.

Also note that only the picture or fixed window type is available for the arch and gothic arch geometry.

I still need to work on shutters for these window types but that is a job for another day.

View model here:


Does anyone have a good texture for T1-11 siding that they would be willing to share?


Version 0.9.0 - 08.03.2018

  • Added gothic and segmental arched windows to the window draw and edit modules.
  • Added shutters: Solid, Flat Panel, Raised Panel, Louver, Board & Batten to arched and gothic arch windows.

View model here:


The arch/gothic arch window rabbit hole was very deep:

Ext. Trim and Shutter (Left)

Interior Casing

Interior Casing Options

Adding a new window type now entails the following additional features that must all be considered:

1.) Exterior Trim (Style A, Style B)
2.) Interior Casing/Trim (Style A, Style B, Style C)
3.) Window frame, casing and glass (window geometry will dictate if additional styles can be created for that geometry in addition to the standard fixed window).
4.) Window Grille (ten different grille configurations currently)
5.) Shutters (five different shutter types currently in three different configurations)

Some window types will also involve additional parameters due to asymmetry or other special features.

The trapezoid or triangular window may also involve a pitched header will further complicate matters with wall framing.


Version 0.9.0b - 08.03.2018

  • Enabled all interior casing styles (Style A, Style B, and Style C) for gothic and arch windows.


Today and yesterday I’m taking a much needed break from plugin programming to address my new reseller program. I am still fleshing out the way I want this to work but I think it will be a good thing, allowing me to focus on the code while more talented individuals are able to drive the sales end of things.


Just an FYI there is a known issue with stacking walls right now (multi-level structures), funny that this did not show up previously. I am currently working on it and should have a new revision in a few hours that hopefully addresses it fully.

The issue is with the auto-corner configuration, apparently the algorithm is detecting walls on different levels when it should only be detecting the walls within a specified vertical range (on the same level).

I think I’ve got my head back in the game now after a short hiatus from the code.

Currently the three hot development items are:

1.) New HTML menu/draw tool
2.) Gable Walls
3.) Garage Door Module

I’m also excited to report that the new reseller system is live and ready to go. I am currently recruiting resellers so please contact me directly if you are interested. I haven’t determined the number of resellers or if there will be a specific limit however I am looking for people with diverse backgrounds and people who are passionate about promoting SketchUp as a primary architectural design tool for residential and commercial design.

You may also want to reset your bookmarks to the new Medeek Wall extension page:

I’ve had to switch to a dynamic html page with the implementation of the reseller program however the static page will automatically redirect to this page.


Version 0.9.0c - 08.08.2018

  • Critical fix to the auto-corner configuration module which addresses a bug with multi-story construction.

If you are doing multi-story construction with the plugin you will want to download and install this fix immediately.