Medeek Wall Plugin


This is done entirely with Ruby. You do need an algorithm to determine how many segments you will display for a given radius.

Provide a complete path and the follow me works.


I was actually thinking of trying the follow me method next as I posted this, I will give that a go.


Just remember to have the profile exactly perpendicular to the path.


I’ve run into that issue before when creating curved lengths of rebar along a path. Usually what I do is place the profile at midspan of a straight length of rebar so that I ensure that it is perfectly perpendicular.


I seem to be getting some issues when I outer shell the profile with the rest of the shutter, is there some minimum number of segments that you need to avoid these sorts of artifacts?


I guess I haven’t been defeated after all. Using the follow-me method I was able to get it to work:

I now have all the shutter types working for arched windows:

View model here:


I"m not sure why you would want to put a single shutter to one side of a window but here it is just in case you need it:

I will have to wait until tomorrow to roll out all of the shutter updates its now 4:00AM and I’m done for now.

I think I’ve now beat this horse to death, shutters are available for rectangle and arched windows in all styles and geometry (Left, Right, Double).

After I add more window types I will probably need to revisit the shutter module but I don’t think shutters are very common for more exotic window shapes (ie. ovals, triangles, trapezoids etc…)


Mainly: because of the size, and in particular the width?

Historically, shutters were used in the lower part of the window, where there wasn’t (expensive) glas and used as shop windows. When closed, they were flush with the frame.


Left, Right and Double:

View model here:

I’ve also addressed a bug with arched geometry where the push-pull direction was giving unpredictable results (flipping flopping between in and out). Turns out that you need to clock your segments all in the same direction to get predictable results, which makes sense. For some reason this did not occur to me as I was coding some of these sections of the main window module.


Version 0.8.6b - 07.16.2018

  • Added shutters: Solid, Flat Panel, Raised Panel, Louver, Board & Batten to arched windows.
  • Shutter geometry parameter allows for: Left, Right or Double.
  • Fixed bug in arched window module that was causing unpredictable push-pull behavior.


Now that I’m on a window/shutter kick I’m wondering if I should jump back into the window module and enable round and oval windows. I will probably forego the shutters on these types of windows for now and just concentrate on the basics like the window itself and the trim and casing.

The grilles for these type of windows (round and ovals) can get quite elaborate and could easily soak up an entire week of my time just trying to put together some of the more common variants.

You may also notice that I’ve doubled the number of segments in the various arched windows. Quarter arches has been increased to 12 segments and half arches to 24 segments. Smoothes out the window geometry some and improves the appearance however it does increase the poly count and file size.


For a triple casement window I am thinking a single frame with three sashes, does this seem reasonable?

Also I was thinking about oval and round windows earlier today and they are really one in the same, the only difference being the aspect ratio (height/width). A round window is an oval window with an AR = 1.0:

Hence the window height and width will drive the shape of the oval, really no different than a rectangular window.


Oval / Round windows are certainly something new and a bit more challenging but now that I’ve got the algorithms worked out the rest is just a matter of generating the code.



A video showing the Medeek Wall with Woody (French):


Version 0.8.7 - 07.18.2018

  • Added oval and round windows to the window draw and edit modules.
  • Enabled trim, casing and window installation for oval and round windows.

I haven’t enabled shutters or grilles yet for this window type, it is not high on my todo list unless I receive additional requests for these features.

The trim and casing options are also pretty much plain jane for now.

Let’s see if I can’t knock out the Garage Door module this evening.

I also thought it might be helpful to reiterate that if you are an educator (teacher, professor, school) or a student I am offering full licenses of all my plugins for educational use. All that I ask is you provide some form of student ID or other proof that you are associated with an educational institution. The educational licenses provided to educators also allow installation on up to 50 seats.


I have been primarily focused on the imperial/US units during the development but I also realize that a lot of current users are utilizing the plugin in metric units. I am not at all familiar with construction and construction documents in metric units so I need a little help here.

What I am talking about is the callouts for windows and doors. What is the appropriate way to show these callouts in metric units? What is common or accepted practice?

I’m looking at an Australian floor plan right now and the first thing that jumps out at me is they call out height x width whereas in the US we call out width x height, now I am curious what other countries that are using metric are doing, specifically the UK, Norway and France.

The Australian system seems to be the following: window sizes are rounded to the nearest decimeter and shown in meters: (ie. a 1090mm x 2230mm window is called out as a 1022. Doors on the other hand do not seem to be called out by height but only by their width in millimeters (ie. 820 for an 820mm wide door).

If the callout systems differ dramatically between countries I suppose I can add a global setting which allows the users to switch between various callout systems (for metric units).


Version 0.8.7b - 07.19.2018

  • Added a 5-Lite Circular Grille for all window types.
  • Enabled all standard grille types for oval and round windows.

View model here:

This grille pattern was added per customer request, also note that it can be applied to any of the other rectangular window types (picture, single hung, slider).

Lately I’ve been having so many smaller feature requests that it has been hard to focus on some of the big ticket items. I am doing my best not to be side tracked by these minor items and to just add them to the todo list so I can attend to them at a later date.

The todo list is now over three pages long, so rather than shrink it has continued to grow. Honestly the amount of items I’m currently looking at is really the work of an entire team of programmers, not just a single person. So if my progress seems rather slow at times then it probably is.

I’ve been trying to get some of my kids (teenagers) interested in helping out with some of the coding over their summer break but they seemed to be more inclined to spend their time playing computer/console games. I call them the Angry Birds or Pokemon Go generation. All of this technology is great but unless it is harnessed correctly it seems more detrimental than good.


I was using a metric template last night to work on updates to the metric window and door call outs, when it became painfully obvious that the metric side of the house has way more bugs than I care to admit.

I am going to spend the rest of the day or whatever it takes to go through the entire extension with a fine tooth comb and clean up some of these (metric only) bugs. I’m finding that most of them are typos or something very simple, however I do need to get this done.

My sincere apologies to are international (metric) customers who have had to deal with this and I appreciate your patience with me.


Version 0.8.7c - 07.20.2018

  • Addressed a number of miscellaneous bugs related to metric templates.

I’ve also utilized the Australian standard for window and door call outs when using metric templates. If someone would like to have a different call out system implemented for metric units I can do that as well, I just need specifics and what country or name to associate with that call out system.

This is a critical bug fix release and addresses a number of bugs having to do with metric units but also affects some issues that are also with imperial/US units. I would highly recommend updating to this latest version at your earliest convenience.

Locating windows and doors along a wall in meters should now work as intended.

I’m am reasonably sure there are more bugs with the metric version of the plugin since I have not fully tested it in every possible scenario. If you notice anything please feel free to contact me.