Medeek Wall Plugin


Version 0.7.7d - 06.10.2018

  • Added 2D (construction or solid) line options for sheathing, cladding and gypsum within the global settings.
  • Fixed a bug within the corner trim module (trim width).
  • Added additional standard metric stud sizes: 36x68, 36x98, 36x148, 36x198, 48x72, 48x98, 48x148, 48x198


This is the direction I am going with the Wall Edit Menu UI and Draw wall Tool:

Notice the wall presets section at the top of the UI, here you can delete, load or save a preset wall template.

The actual templates will be stored in a simple text file within a sub-folder called “presets”, that way the user can also manually edit the wall preset file and even cut and paste presets from other users into their preset file. This solution offers the most flexibility and user control in my opinion.

Loading a preset will re-populate all of the parameters in the form below except for the excluded items.

The save function will create a new preset (with user entered name/description) based on the currently listed parameters in the form.

Does this make sense? and the better question, am I missing anything here?

Hopefully this new addition of presets will speed up the wall creation process and spare the user from having to recreate a specific wall type from scratch each time they start a new model or session.

I still have not fully arrived at what the excluded parameters should be in the wall preset functions so please provide any feedback in this regard.


The ability to save and load presets will be a considerable usability upgrade. I also really like your decision to store the preset data in text files. Good job!


There are really three functions in one here: Loading, Saving and Deleting.

Quite a bit of new code to implement the new presets system. I’m still testing it out to make sure it is solid, but so far it is looking pretty good.

Note, that it is possible to give a preset the exact same name as another preset, this is by design and they will both appear in the drop down list. What you are not seeing in the drop down is the hidden number assigned to each preset which is stored in the presets file. This number is really the identifier of the preset and allows one to correctly specify which preset you are wanting to load or delete.

Once this system is in place for the walls and fully tested and verified I will implement a similar system for windows and doors.

I have a number of minor fixes and bugs that are quite hot items right now that have been delayed due to my attention to this latest upgrade, I apologize for the delay in getting the fixes out, but I really feel that this UI upgrade is top priority right now.


I released the LT version of the plugin a couple days ago and I am surprised that no one has shown any interest in this lesser version of the plugin.

Just to clarify, it is a full featured version of the plugin without the internal wall framing, estimating and engineering components. The ability to creating openings, windows, doors, exterior and interior cladding etc… is all there.

The intended audience of the LT version is architects and designers who do not need all of the nut and bolts of the design (how it goes together) and are concentrating more on the big picture.

Please let me know what would make the LT version more attractive to you the designer or architect.


haha! I know I expressed interest, but did not realize you released it! Been busy with other things!
Happy to purchase…hopefully can tinker with it soon.



I question this choice. I can foresee self confusion if I’ve given two (or more) different presets the same names. I’d like more detail on the reasoning that led you to this choice.


I was also wondering about that choice. If there is no way to differentiate between presets someone may end up deleting the wrong presets.


You both make a good point. I will put in some logic that prevents this from the get go, but theoretically someone could manually edit the preset file and name two different preset the same name, but if they want to go to that great of length to confuse themselves I guess I can’t very well stop them.


Unfortunately, I was up in Seattle for most of day for some testing so I was not able to get any real programming done but I’ve been reading emails via my cellphone and some interesting ideas have surfaced:

1.) When the wall edit menu is open being able to click a different wall and then this wall is loaded up in the already open edit menu window, instead of having to open a new window to edit the wall.

2.) Use the CTRL key to toggle window and door placement (ie. Left, Middle, Right)

3.) Similar to presets for walls also provide presets for windows and doors.


Why “Unfortunately”? From my point of view, you’ve been working on this non-stop, including weekends, for quite a while now. Everyone needs a break occasionally. Not being embedded in the weeds of an project, for whatever reason, often serves as a mental break that gives you a chance to see the forest instead of the trees. I’ve always, when working intensely on a project, benefited from a mental break - a chance get the project off my mind, however briefly.


Well said, I did have a couple of good marketing ideas as well that popped into my head during my time off yesterday.

I also wanted to mention that the June promotion is drawing to a close (Friday 15th).

I guess what is keeping the pressure on is the fact that there is a number of major items with the plugin that are still on the list and not yet complete as well as quite a few minor items that need attention. I’m going to say the plugin is at least another two weeks out before I can safely say that it is out of beta mode.

I’m doing the best I can to push the development so please bear with me.

As I suspected the UI redevelopment coupled with the wall preset function has taken slightly longer than expected but I am happy to report that these two items are nearing completion.


Ok, finally did that and sent email.


Your typical entries in the wall presets file:

Medeek Wall Preset File
1|2x4 Exterior Wall|20180613235029|Int-Ext|Front|97.125|80.0|5.5|1.5|16.0|Left|2|1.5|1|1.5|NO|YES|End|90.0|1.5|1|California|5.5|Inset Outside Corner|90.0|1.5|1|California|5.5|YES|0.4375|FLUSH|YES|0.25|0.0|MITER|YES|0.5|YES|NO|0.0|0.0|0.0|0.0|OSB|HARDI_CM_HM|#f9f9fe|PFG|YES|YES|DTT2Z|0.0|NONE|0.0|BOTH|FRAMING|Center|YES|ON SHEATHING|0.75|YES|3.5|YES|2.5|#ffffff

2|2x4 Interior Wall|20180613220050|Int-Int|Front|97.125|80.0|5.5|1.5|16.0|Left|2|1.5|1|1.5|NO|YES|End|90.0|1.5|1|California|5.5|Inset Outside Corner|90.0|1.5|1|California|5.5|YES|0.4375|FLUSH|YES|0.25|0.0|MITER|YES|0.5|YES|NO|0.0|0.0|0.0|0.0|OSB|HARDI_CM_HM|#f9f9fe|PFG|YES|YES|DTT2Z|0.0|NONE|0.0|BOTH|FRAMING|Center|YES|ON SHEATHING|0.75|YES|3.5|YES|2.5|#ffffff

3|2x4 Interior Wall w/ Insul|20180614000047|Int-Ext|Front|97.125|80.0|5.5|1.5|16.0|Left|2|1.5|1|1.5|NO|YES|End|90.0|1.5|1|California|5.5|Inset Outside Corner|90.0|1.5|1|California|5.5|YES|0.4375|FLUSH|YES|0.25|0.0|MITER|YES|0.5|YES|NO|0.0|0.0|0.0|0.0|OSB|HARDI_CM_HM|#f9f9fe|PFG|YES|YES|DTT2Z|0.0|NONE|0.0|BOTH|FRAMING|Center|YES|ON SHEATHING|0.75|YES|3.5|YES|2.5|#ffffff

Notice the time stamp field, I may also add in a notes field later on that can be viewed and edited with the global settings.

The delete and save functions are now solid, I am currently testing the load function and then I need to implement the html menu for the Draw Wall Tool and we are then ready to put this update out there.


Seems to me that one might accumulate a lot of presets with only minor differences. Although I’m just a DIYer and will never need more than 1 or two for my purpose, I can see it becoming a very long list for professionals. I’m guessing that, were I a professional, I’d become frustrated finding the specific wall I wanted.

I envision a “preset selector” that, when invoked, has a list of presets already used in the model, and the ability to select a different stored preset (or create a new preset.) But instead of a long list of stored presets, a “quick selector” something like (click the arrows - I’m trying to mock up drop down lists using Discourse formatting tools!):

Stud Size/Arrangement
  • 2x4 Single Row
  • 2x6 Single Row
  • 2 rows 2x4 Staggered
  • etc.
  • None
  • Fiberglass
  • Foam
  • Rock Wool
  • etc.

And perhaps a few more drop downs for common variations such as Wall Type, Corner Treatment, Interior Membrane, Sheathing, Exterior Membrane - but not too many!

Once a preset is selected or created, pop up the full options window, with options filled in from saved preset library, or with defaults for new presets. Bottom of options window has “save to library”, “Use”, and “Abandon” buttons. If anything except “Abandon” is pressed, the preset is also saved to the “In Model” list - if it isn’t there already!

I’m guessing most pros have perhaps 5-10 basic wall types they use all the time, not counting variations exterior to the membrane over the shear panel or the interior finish, both of which often vary widely. Rather than store every wall assembly you’ve every used in the “Preset Library”, store just the basic assembly for your frequently used walls and customize as needed for each model.

Of course, since I’m not a pro, I could be completely wrong on this!


My thinking is that the wall presets function will probably evolve over time as users make suggestions on how to make this feature better and I implement some or all of those suggestions.

Initially the list will be presented in no particular order, it will be up to the user on how they want to name and organize this list or even how many different presets they want to create.

I am also adding the wall height as one of the preset parameters so that the user can quickly switch between wall heights, but one could theoretically achieve the same result by just changing the wall height parameter.

Also one thing to be aware of is that once a wall is created, there is no association with that wall (and its parameters) and any preset particular preset.

Another technical item to considers is the corner configurations (angle and config). If the auto-corner configuration option is turned on in the global settings then it makes sense that when a preset is loaded in the edit menu (mode) that the corner configuration parameters for that wall are maintained.

If you load a preset and then want to manually adjust the wall corner parameters that can be done but the default behaviour should not alter these parameters unless the user manually intervenes. I hope that makes sense.


I didn’t want to make a small edit to my previous reply, in case you didn’t notice it! The edit I felt the urge to do is as follows (in the 2nd paragraph):

… select a different stored preset from a library (or create a new preset.) …

Oh! And on the full options window, add an option “Purge from Model” that is greyed out if the preset is USED in the model - or not yet in the model preset list.


This and:

Will lead you think that information of a wall becomes more and more important then the actual drawing of the wall in SketchUp.
Information that is typically used in spreadsheets is good for more complex calculations, if this information is stored in a database-structure, it becomes far more powerful. You then can select more easily the presets of your wall, based on relations then in a spreadsheet. Combining local rules, weather conditions etc.
The actual modeling becomes a sideshow, it is all about data.


Correct, the attribute library and all of its parameters are really what is important, that is why I am able to rebuild a wall in its entirety from scratch into a 2D or 3D model when any edit is made. The actual geometry is really only secondary to the data, a geometric manifestation of the data is how I like to phrase it.

From an estimating standpoint I can also theoretically generate all of the bill of materials (cut list) data directly from attribute library without having to even look at the 3D model. I haven’t been able to get to it yet but I’ve already starting fleshing out some ideas with regards to the estimating feature.


Version 0.7.8 - 06.14.2018

  • Added the ability to create, load and delete wall presets within the Edit Wall (HTML) Menu.
  • Fixed a bug within the auto-corner configuration module which caused issues for walls less than 36" in height.
  • The wall length in the Edit Wall Menu updated to ft-in from decimal feet (imperial templates), also fixed a bug in the wall length for metric templates.

Note that wall presets can only be currently loaded and applied after the fact (within the Wall Edit Menu). My intent is to also make this feature available within the reworked Draw Tool within the next few days but I first want to introduce this feature within the Edit Menu and work out any potential pitfalls before rolling it out further.