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In my real job, I’m in sales at a wholesale electrical supply distributor. And I’m thankful for this - means that the fittings used with PVC are the same for schedule 40 and schedule 80. It would be an incredible headache if we had to stock 2 sets of fittings - and fittings where one (or more) connections are schedule 40 and one (or more) connections are schedule 80!

And above (and not including) 2" Trade Size, EMT, IMC, and RSC all have the same OD within any given trade size.

Acronyms Used

For those not familiar with electrical acronyms:
EMT = Electro Metallic Tubing (Thin wall, no thread)
RSC = Rigid Steel Conduit (Heavy Wall, usually threaded)
IMC = Intermediate Metal Conduit (Thinner wall than RSC, but also usually threaded)

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Version 1.4.2 - 04.21.2024

  • Fixed a compatibility bug with SketchUp 2024 while maintaining compatibility with previous versions of SketchUp.

Version 1.4.3 - 05.15.2024

  • Added a “SQTUBE” shape to the wire module for electrical chases.

This update per customer request.

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