Medeek Electrical

Version 1.1.2 - 12.24.2019

  • Added the “Draw Low Voltage Panel” function to the secondary toolbar.
  • Enabled the ability to draw low voltage panels with Medeek wall assemblies or any wall geometry. Included Structured Media Panels: Leviton 47605 (14", 21", 28", 42").

View model here:

For now only the flush cover models are included however if I find the time I will model up the hinged cover variants and include those as part of the standard library.

I’m trying to figure out how to best handle the situation where outlets and switches are vertically sitting on top of each other:

I’m thinking about adding an advanced parameter which allows offsetting the symbol and label a custom amount so that the symbols don’t all pile up on top of each other.

Does this seem like a reasonable solution?

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Version 1.1.2b - 12.25.2019

  • Added an offset parameter (advanced options) for switches which allows the symbol and label to be offset from the wall.

Version 1.1.3 - 01.01.2020

  • Added additional (120V, 20A) outlets to the built-in outlet library.

This update includes various (20A) USB and GFCI outlets.

What would be the appropriate 2D electrical symbol for this 4 port USB charging outlet?

Its not really a duplex outlet anymore.

Many people seem to use a lightning bolt symbol. Found this too:

It would be worth modeling the key plastic bit, that would make it more clear that it’s USB-A, and not two fat looking US AC outlets.

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I think the idea of dedicated USB charging outlets is so new that the electrical industry hasn’t really caught up yet with their nomenclature. I could be wrong but I haven’t seen an electrical plan set with a call out for dedicated USB charging outlets like this Leviton 4 port.

I won’t add it into the extension as an option until I figure out what the suitable electrical symbol is for this device.

It looks like the Leviton 4 people use the same symbol I showed, only flipped and vertical:

But I now realize that you need an icon that represents the whole thing! Not sure what that’s going to look like.

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The symbol shown on the receptacle itself is the standard charging USB symbol, but it is a bit complicated/elaborate in comparison with other electrical symbols. Turns out there are a number of USB related symbols in use:

Perhaps just a square symbol with USB on the top line and 4-A on the second line indicating four ports, type A.


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For many of the electrical fixtures the designer can use their own electrical components as well as the ones included with the plugin. Here are a few hints/tips on how to do this:

1.) You need remove the spaces from file names with spaces in them. Either delete the spaces or replace them with underscores like I have done with my filenames.

2.) With your electrical light fixtures be sure that fixture base is located at the origin of the model within your component file. This actually applies to any electrical fixture. The location of the component with respect to the origin determines where it will land within the model once it is inserted by the plugin.

3.) When you insert the (ceiling mount) light fixture below make sure you select “ceiling” and not “wall” for the mounting position from the parameter list.

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