Mechanical and Dynamic Design

I think Sketch Up is one of my favourite design programs ever .but when it comes to design a dynamic design i got frustrated .
so if you please guys try to add options not only in designing dynamically , but also design dynamically according to physics laws and nature.
For instance: if i design a gear i can roll it , not only that but also if connect it with another gear then it roll in the opposite direction as in the case of nature . Its fantastic to add some natural powers which effect thing for example the power of air and steam .
guys you are invincible and able to add features like those i think many of us want to make a full simulation of a design specially if it is a dynamic design , without Coercion to use many programs at the same time,or even using sucking apps or programs .
it would be perfect if you add those feature as extensions and plug-ins.
thanks for you time Sincerely yours :slight_smile: .

I have to admit that SketchUp still taking baby steps regarding to these features & plugins.

Take a look at this feature: Making a Dynamic Component
and this plugin: MSPhysics

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