Measuring tool not working

when i use the measuring tool it works for a little while then gets buggy and won’t snap to a line or point for taking a measurement. the only way to fix it is to close the drawing and re open it again. very distracting and frustrating that i have to constantly do this.



When you say measuring tool, do you mean the tape measure or do you mean the tool that leaves text measurement? If you describe or give a screen shot of what two points you are trying to measure, I believe some the of sages can help you out.

Normally, the dimension tool won’t anchor unless you start at an endpoint. In the screenshot I put guidepoint where there was no endpoint. The dimension tool will anchor on a guidepoint and even where two guidelines intersect. After I made the dimension, I erased all guides, leaving just the text dimension.

This may help to explain: Tape measure tool