Measuring surface of rowing hull measured

hi all,

I want to measure the length of rowing hull measure,the red marked section in sketchup pro
please, help me anyone who knows how to measure.
Thanks in advance

Rowing Hull 1-1.skp (536.4 KB)

Both ends of your boat section look identical
If you disable displaying the guidepoints you can select all edges on one side and see in ‘Entity Info’ the sum of their lengths: one one side 40 edges / 877mm, other side 32 edges / 869mm

The red cross section would be the same.

In general you would need a surface and then a cross section series of edges obtained by intersection with of a perpendicular sectional plane or with a perpendicular single face. There is no surface now.

That is great help , I appreciate it
this is well work for me.

If you have one series of edges, like at one end, you can temporarily close the top (deck side) to create a face perpendicular to the desired surface. You can now use Push/Pull to create the hull section surface from that face.

Next you can even scale one end to simulate transition in cross sections of the hull segment. It’s a start.