Measuring/Scale in Layout

Help! I’m very new to sketch and layout… I am creating a landscape plan using sketchup pro on a mac. I have my model in layout and overlaying certain site elements in layout. When I activate the model layer it is true to scale 1" = 10’, but when I highlight another layer, that scale goes to 1:1. How do you add the site elements and know their measurements in Layout?

Are you adding those site elements in Sketchup?

Just in layout… I am putting together three conceptual plans and did a base plan working off a cad site survey in Sketchup, then brought it into layout. I wanted to have hierarchy in my layers (i.e.: Shade trees above all elements) so am using the layer organization to do this. Should I be putting all ground elements on the actual sketchup model then use layout for adding just plants (things I want to give appearance that they are above other elements)?

No. You can use layers but elements drawn in LO will be paper space.

Ok, thank you Dave.

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You’re quite welcome.

Maybe you would add the elements in SketchUp instead.

Thats what I tried out. I find it easier to add elements in sketchup rather than layout. I then updated/re-linked my sketchup and it came through well :slight_smile: Now time to add my plants on their appropriate layers in layout- I think this will work well!

You are creating scenes in SketchUp to use as your LayOut viewports, correct?

Depending upon what you need, you might also want to add the plants in SketchUp. You can use layers in SU and create multiple scenes with different layers turned on and off. Then stack viewports for different scenes in LayOut.

You can create scaled drawings in Layout. It acts like a group, you can double click into it and draw lines at scale instead of paper scale. There is a tool window called “scaled drawing.”

Also, you can turn Sketchup models in layout into line work. If the style is hidden line or style that doesn’t show texture, you can right click and explode it. This will also turn it into a scaled drawing. I don’t think you can reverse it btw because the Sketchup model becomes layout lines. Great for cleaning up line work btw.