How do I measure a point (or line)
in space to zero base?

I’m not certain I understand what you mean. So, before I lead us off in the wrong direction, could you explain more fully what you are trying to do, with an example model (best) or images (second best) if possible?

Are you just trying to find the coordinates of a point in space? If so, you can do that with the Text tool.

What is the height of that point from the baseline? I assume those 3 dimensions are the length, depth and height of each side of the cube.

No. Those are the coordinates of that corner of the box using the origin as (0,0,0).

If that’s not what you’re after, show us an example of what you are after.

Oh I see. Which ones refer to the blue, green and red lines?

With 2020 you can also activate the tape measure tool and hover over a vertex to see its coordinates. They are ordered red, green, blue (x,y,z) both there and in what @DaveR showed .


Thank you very much.