Measurements Question

I have downloaded a few files from the 3D Warehouse (i.e. cabinets, etc), but I do not see any measurements on the drawings. Is there a way to reveal all of the measurements in the file?

You could use either the Tape Measure tool, to see a few sizes, or add your own Dimensions.

Or is there something more you have in mind?

it would be easier for us if you supplied a link to at least one of the models…


Don’t expect models you download from the warehouse to be dimensioned or to be drawn precisely enough to create good dimensioned drawings from them. You will probably find some you can add dimensions to but you are just as likely to find models that need a great deal of fixing if you are thinking of using it as a plan.

As @john_drivenupthewall, indicated it would be helpful if you give us a link to a model you’re interested in. We can see what it’ll take.

I think I must be misunderstanding what this program is for. I thought it was for drafting plan for building projects etc. I found this link for different cabinets that are different sizes and shapes, but I have no idea how to translate the information into useful plans that I can use. Here is the link: Wall Cabinets Shaker Collection by Sharkman | 3D Warehouse

You can use it to draw up projects and create plans before building them but it isn’t limited to that. Some people draw very simplistic models to use for populating larger models. For example, if you’re laying out a kitchen so you know what cabinets you need to order from the manufacturer, there’s no point in having those cabinets detailed. Simple boxes will probably do.

I tend to draw most furniture models to joinery level and I often create plans for building them. This is an example of a piece I drew in SketchUp with all joinery detailed. I haven’t made a plan for this one yet but it’s ready for it.

I have drawn plans for these next pieces.

I downloaded one of the cabinets from the link. It’s not very well executed as a SketchUp model but at least the parts are there. With some fixing up, you could make dimensioned drawings to use for plans. I’d probably beef up the case parts because there’s little to give it any strength or stability.