Measure tool problem

Please see the attached picture. Whenever I move my mouse with the measure tool lately this happens. Its like it takes attaches to a face of point where ever the curser is, even when i’m not holding down on the mouse. The program then locks up. What is going on? It seems the larger my model gets in size the more this tends to happen.



Someone will probably provide a better technical answer, but in the meantime open up your Preferences and tweak the OpenGL settings. Sometimes unchecking, closing Preferences, re-opening Preferences, rechecking does the trick.

Also what kind of hardware are you running? Graphic card drivers up to date? Try a restart?

– matt

Did you change your graphic card or its drivers lately? If @chamberz solution do not help (it probably will), you can try to update your driver.

This is a graphics driver deficiency on handling fast feedback.
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