Maxwell Resolution

i try to render by maxwell plugin,
i select the max resolution by scene manager, but when start render (fire) the resolution is different!
For exaple i select 1600x1400 pixel in “scene manager” and in “maxwell fire” is 800x600 pixel!
Why? Can help me?

Are you using the free version or did you buy a license? If you are using the free version, it’s pretty clearly spelled out on their site.

It looks like to get 1600x1400, you’ll need to buy the Maxwell license and SketchUp Pro.

Hello @irdelo

There are many other renderers if the free version of Maxwell doesn’t do what you want.
For example: Kerkythea is free and allows you to set resolution as you please.

There’s a long list of Renderers at the SketchUp Sage Site over here

I have Render Suite, and the largest render I have try is 40000x2000. You need lots of RAM!!