Maximum length in DC and hide a group in DC with list


I trying to build a dynamic component of a hollow core slab and want to at 2 options. I’m pretty new to DC, but I know how to use a few of the basic attributes. I hope that somebody can help me.

I’m using the textbox for editing the length, but I want it to give it also a maximum length. Can somebody tell me if this is possible.

I’m also trying to hide a few groups with a list. For example the follow core slab have a joint on the right or left side and I’m want select the right or the left one.

hollow core slab.skp (266.6 KB)


Hi Andreas
I don’t have SU 2015 to open yours, but I’ll give you a possibility for your project.

For the maximum length, you can make a 2 new variable to equal the length provided, but if it’s over a certain length, it’ll just equal the max length:

LenX = NewX
TextX = Textbox (To allow user to input their measurement)
NewX = IF(TextX>100,100,TextX)

So they input into TextX
NewX’s value will equal to TextX unless it exceeds 100 in which case it’ll just stay at 100
LenX will equal NewX

As for hiding a part, if it’s a group within your component, it can have attributes. There is a function to hide the group (two values, 1 = hidden, 0 = visible). You just need to make a new variable with a list in the parent component (the overall component), on/off where “on” = 0 and “off” = 1, and have the hidden variable on the group’s attribute will equal that one:

Overall component
Hide: Show list: “on”=0, “off”=1

Hidden: = Parent!Hide



But I want to show one side and not the other and vice versa.


You can make a variable and both groups’s hidden variable relate to it

Overall component
Hidelist: GroupA=1, GroupB=2

Hidden: IF(Parent!Hidelist=1,1,0)

Hidden: IF(Parent!Hidelist=2,1,0)

So in the list options, you just choose one, and the other will automatically hide as a result as well.


Thanks for your help.


Hi quantj,

I was wondering if there is a way to update the textbox value with a maximum value if you input a value greater than the maximum. So in your example if you input 102 into “TextX” it would automatically change it to 100 in the textbox.

Thank you


Hi, I don’t quite follow, it seems like you’re answering your own question about having a max value for an input value. Can you clarify?


Sorry for the confusion.

In this example if the user inputs TextX = 102, NewX will = 100, but TextX will still = 102, so the user will see 102 in the Component Options box, even though in the model LenX = 100. I guess my question is, is there a way to update what is in the textbox, besides through the user input?

I am making dynamic component models with max/min values. I want the user to see the actual values in the model through the Component Options dialog. I could do this by using a drop down menu with every possible value listed out, but it would be cleaner with a textbox.


Ah, I get it.
Sorry, but I don’t have an answer to this, I’m unsure if it’s possible, maybe someone else here will know.


One way is to highlight or color an attribute label to gain the users attention:
Refer to DC supported HTML tags

example below. however when editing it can be unstable plus one cannot see all the orginal, so I find it useful to make a copy of the description in a unseen attribute

color label.skp (28.7 KB)


Thanks, that is a good work around.