Mating Hole Locations


I have a 4" cube. The top surface has 3 holes, each 1" deep. This part is grouped. The cube has a separate top, 6"x6"x1" thick. It is also grouped. I’ve moved the top and centered it on top the cube. I need to put through holes in the top that match the holes in the cube. To edit the top, I double click it. But the cube fades and is not much help in finding the exact location of the holes. The mouse doesn’t recognize features in the cube when I’m editing the top. How can find the hole locations in the cube when editing the top? Thank you, Mike
how layout mateing holes.skp (322.6 KB)


If you orbit around you you can look up through the holes, you should be able to inference of them while the top group is open for editing. Draw the circle and use Push/Pull.


My quick guess would be to open the bottom one for editing, select the holes and copy them. Then open the top one for editing and paste in place.


And Box describes the more ninja way to do it.


The web version has copy and paste in place on the context menu, so it seems even more natural to use it this way.


I agree.



Thank you to all who helped me with this. Mike