Materials not Loading in Sketchup Free

Hello, today is my first time using Sketchup. I was learning with a video, then when I get into using materials section, the search tab is stuck on a loading animation. Closing and reopening the tray doesn’t help, neither does reloading the page, project, logging in and out of google, restarting Sketchup Free, and restarting my macbook. I can only use the default materials. My wifi works just fine and my PC can open other websites smoothly.

Please help…

What video? Are you trying to get an animation into SketchUp for Web?

something like this, and it’s been like this for two days already

It would be worth trying a different browser. If the other browser works, try clearing cache from the browser you’re using at the moment.

I tried chrome, opera, and safari, cleared all the cache and even browsing history, to no avail. The problem is still the same. I can open and use every tools and tabs except for the search tab in materials section.

I hadn’t noticed it was the search tab in particular.

Can you go to the starting page and show the JavaScript Console. If you’re using Safari, go into Preferences, Advanced, and check the box next to the Develop menu. Once you are looking at the split window, start modeling, choose Materials, and look for any new errors that appear when you click on the search button.

sorry, i dont understand the split window part. i followed the step until the Develop menu is available on the menu bar of my safari

Open a new window in Safari, go to any web page, then choose Show JavaScript Console from the Develop menu. Now change the URL to, and then click on the Start Modeling button. Or open an existing model.

When you’re looking at the model, open the Materials panel, click on the little trash can to clear the existing errors. Now click on the search button, and watch what new errors appear.


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