Materials in sketchup


I have a question about material from sketchup,
at coloring I saw that you instead of colored squares, do you have colored pencils how do you do that correctly,
thanks in advance

You can use styles to create a line drawing that looks like colored pencil, but there aren’t materials that do this automatically. You can create and load textures as materials that can perhaps approximate it but it would be more custom.

The colored pencils or crayons are a Mac thing for selecting colors. Not something available on Windows.

@DaveR is right. The panel with colored pencils is something SketchUp inherited from the Mac color picker, not something explicitly programmed for SU and not available on Windows. Many of the online tutorials were done on Mac, so on occasion the UI will differ from what you see, though with the exception of toolbar trays (Windows only) it was a almost all the same.

ok tankx