Materials and trees

I’m trying to change the color in multiple places on a tree, with the “Joint push pull” tool and “Paint” tool, but the object’s faces won’t extrude or the color expands to the whole tree. And I want the color to show up only in certain small and numerous areas. The color will be white spots and varied shapes on treee bark to have a winter appearance in a forest, thanks

? JPP is for manipulating geometry pushing and pulling multiple faces simultaneously. It won’t help with materials/ textures. As before, you must include your model, the .skp file to get a relevant answer.

sorry, what is jpp for manipulating geometry? The object is included in the skp file. How is the geometry changed to add more faces to allow for apply materials and extruding each of the faces? The tree branch included in the following skp file won’t allow for varied and numerous spots to be added white detail. I tried to break the branch up from the group down to the lowest level.
materials T.skp (644.0 KB)

JPP = Joint Push Pull, that extension is for manipulating geometry, not for materials. The snow spots you have are part of the geometry of the branch. They should be separated as their own groups of components, then you could paint them white and assign them a tag so you could turn their visibility on or off at will. In SketchUp every face can have one material/texture applied to it. If you want to have multiple material options you need to have multiple versions of an object. I think this kind of adding snow using geometry will not look fantastic and will quickly become so poly-heavy the file will be unusable. But, if you want to pursue this path you will need ot describe a bit more in detail what you are trying to achieve to receive focused help, and certainly spend some time at the SketchUp Campus to get a better grasp on the fundamentals of how SketchUp works. There are some core concepts about groups, components, geometry and textures that you will need to wrap you head around.

If you open the group for editing you can paint individual faces any color you want. But with this jumble of messy geometry this will take a very long time.

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The forest appearance doesn’t need to look perfect but a little realistic as this only needs to give an animated impression and the 3D objects will be converted to 2D PNG files with “face the camera” option. And will help to reduce the load on the computer. Its okay if the images might look unclear because just a general appearance is good enough. The tree with the multiple faces added were from “Tools on surface” but this is time consuming. I know about the “tags” option ( layers). But I prefer to using a different option i.e. using one branch—white color of the tree (and there will be many trees) to merge with the original branch—and the white branch will need to be reshaped slightly different for the white parts to show up. I find that this will be faster way in the development process while keeping the polygons low since it will cover a forest. Thanks for the awesome help and information.

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