Material thickness

Hi there!
I have made a drawing of a part which will be 3D printed. But when I made it I didn’t think of the material thickness. I’m not printing it myself and I would like to know if there’s a quick fix for adding thickness? Or do I have to adjust all parts? It’s an inside fender holder for a motor boat. It will be printed in a plastic material (not sure which). .
Fender holder for boat.skp (248.1 KB)

Hopefully someone has a trick?


First you should orient the faces correctly or the printer won’t know what is inside and what is out.
You can add thickness quite easily, ctrl with pushpull to keep the original face, then offset and pushpull.


Thanks @Box !! Highly appreciated! And also I learned some skills, cool!! :grinning:

I’m struggling to get past the first step. I understand you right-click to get the menu up. Mark it with orient faces. Then you tick push/pull. When I do this the wall moves.I’m using standard PC (not mac). it looks so easy, but I’m stuck :roll_eyes:

Note the little cross that I have on the pushpull icon. Tap ctrl to make it appear.

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Just as I wrote it, I understodd that I had to press ctr not hold… sorry…

There is an error in my vid, i used the midpoint of the edge to pull to, this isnt halfway as there is the added wall thickness. You could mark the centre before thickening or just use a specific dimension.

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