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Okay. Thank You!

What is the keyboard shortcut to REDO?

Learn to search for that kind of info.

Screenshot - 9_24_2022 , 12_27_27 PM



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Although Redo does seem to be Ctrl+Y, Command+Y on Mac, Command-Shift-Z should be made to work as well, as that is the standard way on Mac and in some Windows applications (I think).


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What do I do?
I want to fix it.

Reduce the number of sides in the arc you are drawing.

Roger that!

Can we color the lines in SketchUp?

Yes. You can add colors to the edges. You have to edit the style to show edge color by material.

How to edit it?

Done Done!
Thanks @DaveR

In the Styles panel in the tray on the right.
Screenshot - 9_27_2022 , 8_02_52 AM

Okay :raised_hands:t3: