Material pane disappearing behind Layer toolbar/window - locking program

Hi. Using the 2017 SU version on Mac Retina 5K. I am experiencing that when I want to change a material in the Layer menu/ toolbar, the little window showing your material that pops up when you click the material icon in the Layer menu, sometimes get hidden behind the Layer toolbar, which locks all of my functions as this needs to be checked OK before I can do anything else. Never had this on 2016, and it gives me no option other than forcing the program to quit.

rather than force quitting, if you Click on Window >> Layers in the menu, can you click the dropdown ‘OK’?

for the actual problem, have you tried assigning SU to it’s own ‘Desktop/Space’?


I cannot access Windows as long as there is a pane waiting to be checked OK. All is greyed out. But I have found out that if I close all toolbars, and being able to minimize the Layers toolbar, I find the color pane hidden behind it. But still a hassle to do every time it happens. Thanks for help though!

Did you try Preferences>Workspace>Reset workspace?