Material Names on Mac


In the big scheme of things, a minor issue…

There was a post about this, dating back to 2017, but it is closed and I could not add a reply.

Basically, I create a Material and name it ‘Translucent Glass Clear’. Apply the material and everything is ok.

However, when I check the material in ‘Colours in Model’, it is now named ‘Material’

I’ve attached some screenshots.

Minor annoyance, especially when exporting the model for Rendering. Makes it a little bit of a pain to locate the relevant material.

Is this something I’m stuck with forever, or will there be a fix anytime soon.

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you can only edit ‘in model’ materials, and that includes changing the name…


Thank you @john_drivenupthewall

That might be ok then. I assume once it’s ‘In Model’ I can change it’s name and it won’t affect the Custom material I created then used, (I created the Material by duplicating an existing one then modifying it, before creating a new Collection), which is in its own folder-y thing?


You’re a beautiful man @john_drivenupthewall

That worked!!!

Thank you


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