Material/Camera Glitch

CLAAS Try.skp (165.2 KB)
So i was trying to build a part of a building, when suddenly messing around with Materials (Glass to be specific)/Camera view’s it Glitched to this (link above). i cant figure out if it was either the Camera view or Material. Help please?

Hello Nikolai,

It helps to create a Scene with an overall view of your model.
That way, it’s easy to find the model if you inadvertently zoom so far out you can’t see it.
See this copy of your model:
CLAAS Try_Fixed.skp (163.8 KB)

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If you try a zoom-extents on the file @Geo provided, you will find that there are still problems with the model (it will once again vanish). There is a Text that has blown up (a bug we are seeing somewhat frequently of late) an edge and a construction point that are very far from the rest of the model. Here’s a version with those glitches removed. It behaves itself if you zoom-extents. I would note that you have a lot of reversed faces that I did not correct. I would also strongly recommend that you learn to use Groups and Components - your model is all loose edges and faces that are going to drive you crazy sticking to each other!

CLAAS Try SLB fix.skp (191.8 KB)


Thank you Geo and slbaum for the quick answers and corrections, much appreciated:) I am fairly new to sketchup and its features. But i will sure look up about Scenes and Faces. However, i hope that the Groups and components is something i will pick up with time.

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