Matching the thumbnail to the scene

So, I have a project to get done, and I want to show a brief step by step animation of what I’ve done. So, I made a scene of my houses floor plan then continued to build the house and made a scene at the next step. When I play the animation, it shows my current build from the camera’s view point of the original scene, Looking at the thumbnail, it shows the scene I want…is there a way I can make them match?

No. The scenes can’t show the progress of your modeling. They aren’t images of the past state of the model. The scenes show the current state of the geometry so if you’ve changed the geometry since creating the previous scene, the model will appear differently in the existing scene. Those thumbnails will get updated along the way, too.

If you had started crating new groups/components after creating the scene, you could use Layers to control the visibility of those groups in each successive scene. But you’d need to plan for that from the beginning. Again, any changes you make to the existing groups would be shown in the earlier scenes.

The easiest thing would have been to export images as you went and then combine them into a slideshow. Again, that would require some planning ahead.

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