"matched photo" curved face

Can you draw the following image with Matched photo, how can it be drawn?

Not very easily. Match Photo requires lines in the image that lead to two different vanishing points on the horizon. Your cake doesn’t have those.

OK Dave. Thank you for answer

To add, the lines must be orthogonal. Flatiron Building would become badly distorted.

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You could start with a circle (14 segments), and another circle (6 segments).
Circle with 6 segments extrude it and then make it group.
Use plugin “Loop subdivision smooth” (free plugin).
The resulting shape rotate and copy it 360 /14. Intersect three of them, and keep only one. Clean it and make it component.
Again, this componet rotate&copy.

Mostly, that’s the idea, but I’ve created for you the 3D model for an easier understanding of it.

Depending on the desired end result, the model can be improved.cake-01.skp (738.9 KB)


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