Match Photo VP bars depends on UCS and not camera


Hi SU Community,

here’s my use case:
User A imports an image and uses Match Photo to get a Sketchup::Camera that gets saved.
Then User B opens the same image, and we load the saved Sketchup::Camera by

Sketchup.active_model.pages[0].camera.set saved_cam.eye,, saved_cam.up

And here’s the problem:
The Vanishing Point handle bars are not the same for User A and B, but they depend on the User Coordinate System. User B, if he has different UCS than A, will get ‘wrong’ VP handle bars but the right camera, so they 'll tweak the handles and change the camera.

I thought it’s worth reporting it under ‘Technical Problems’ since the VP handles change the Camera orientation so for me it doesnt make sense to have a dependency to User’s coordinate system.
Here’s an example of that I m talking about. In both skps the camera is exactly the same:
good_axis.skp (273.9 KB)
bad_axis.skp (273.7 KB)

Having access to UCS would solve it, but it seems we still dont! Any idea why the above doesnt work, and how else could I save/load a Page via code (without skp)?


Is the scene page using a perspective or parallel projection camera ?


Hi @DanRathbun. Yes it’s perspective, and in both cases the camera I get from below is identical, but the vp handle bars are off:

[cam.eye,, cam.up, cam.fov]