Match photo exit options

can anyone tell me the difference between the ‘done’ and ‘cancel match’ (options on right-click) when editing a matched photo?


Done is used after you’ve made the vanishing point and axis setting so you can get on with modeling. Cancel deletes the scene. It’s useful when you decide you don’t want to use that particular image for Match Photo after all.

thanks for the response, but that’s not the case on my machine - they do the exact same thing. this is frustrating because if a mistake is made, there’s no way to discard or undo the changes. in other words, ‘cancel match’, ‘undo’, and ‘camera previous’ all have no effect on any unwanted edits.

fill in your profile or at least indicate if it’s on a mac or PC your having issues…

I think there are bugs on the mac version but have no idea if that relates to your problem…


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