Match Line Properties in SketchUp

I know that I can match materials with the eye-dropper, but is there a way to match line properties in a similar way – layer (tag), style, etc.?
Thank you in advance.

On sketchup all the lines are similar, only the section cut lines era thicker if you don’t change the default value to 1, if you mean the dashes, there’s mot such option on sketchup, only on Layout you can copy the properties of a line with the eye dropper and apply it to another.

With rare exceptions, and only when you know the consequences, DON’T assign tags to raw geometry (edges/lines and faces). Leave all edges Untagged (Layer0 in earlier versions of SU).

I can’t find an scenario where putting tags to loose geometry is a good idea, some years ago I tried to work like if it was autocad, moving from layer to layer back then to draw and model loose geometry, it was fine at the beginning but as the project grew it was harder to have control over everything, at some point I had lines or faces on different layers in a same group, so if I hid a layer some lines or faces will be hidden inside a group, I thought it was something I modeled wrong so got into the group and draw the missing parts again, until I realized I had a mess. I learnt my lesson and since then I always model or draw only on the untagged tag, and assign tags on the entity info tray only to groups or components, actually the possibility to draw on another tag or assign a tag to loose geometry should be removed, it will cause less confusion to beginners.

Yes, yes… all good suggestions… And that is the process that I would typically use. But in this particular situation, the model is for a client requesting that I retain as many AutoCAD layers and styles as possible from the original ACAD file. I was hoping that there was an easier way for me to change the linework, but I will trudge on.
Thank you all for the responses.

On layout you can do that but only with the 2022 and 2023 versions, you can assign different colors width and style to the lines of the different sketchup tags, if you have subscription license you should upgrade so you can do that. If you are using any of those versions already you have to edit your profile.