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Hey Guys,

Lately, I was involved in many Masterplans projects and feasibility studies.
SketchUp is a great tool for these, but usually, main clients concern is fee and areas.
Using dynamic components and proper naming I can easily extract all the information.
The only problem I have is extracting areas quickly.

Could you please share your workflow:

  1. How you build the model
  2. Are you using Excel and Pivot tables
  3. What is the process of extracting data from SketchUp

Here is my usual scenario.

  1. Developing 3-4 options of Masterplan or Land Use Plan (with simple building blocks)
  2. Extracting area one by one clicking on a face.
  3. Puting all this data into excel (takes a long time)
  4. The fun part, Clint wants to change all options and I left with 1-2 days to everything again.

Thanks for sharing and your advice.



Had you have a look at Estimator ?
You can assign materials and square footage costs very quickly:

or apply costs to volumes in layers :

what is excel ?


Layout table listing components from SU, automatically?

Hi Mike,
Thanks you very much for sharing, it looks like amazing tool, but to be honest it cost a lot for what it is and it is too complicated for a simple tasks I make.

Say I have different building types/topologies residential, villas, offices every building typology has 3 different building forms and number of stories. And in total I have 120 buildings on a masterplan. With 45 plots.

I need automatically extract area of each floor of every building with totals.
Usually residential buildings will be build from multiple components which represent apartments, so for every residential building I need to extract area of every apartment and their quality.

Plot area is easy, I don’t need a plugins for it. I can do it manually.

So I need all this information , ideally, as a raw data table , so I can then use Pivot tables in Microsoft Excel to prepare reports and calculate , number of cars, population, apartments mix… and compare different options




Does any one has a better approach ?



Take a look at this one:



Yep. It is very good, but the cost !



I thought architects and urban designers can share their workflows here.



I use Profile Builder 2 to do what estimator does. You can build assemblies with it too, that allow you to design parametrically, so you could design your buildings with it.


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