Master > Reference file workflow

I’m looking for some advice on the master file to reference file updating process.

  1. In the sub-model files referencing the Master, when I have made changes to the Master I open Outliner rt-clk on the Master file name and select reload. Using this method I find altered components in the sub-model are renamed and tagged #1 etc. If I delete the Master instead and purge the components then reimport the Master then everything matches the Master as expected. Which way of updating is recommended? Are there consequences in Layout with lost associations?

  2. I have sections in my Master file. These are obviously brought in to the reference file. What is the correct / best way to handle sections in this work flow e.g. should the Master have essential sections only saved in the file?

i use a “template” which maybe is the equiv to the “master”? this file is the raw structural boundaries and “immoveable” things like stairs. this is the basis for all sub-models to ensure alignment. this template may be adjusted is needed and reloaded into the sub-models to continue to ensure alignment.
each sub-model is then added to my “master” (or i call “complete”) so in the master i have:

  • template
  • sub-models
  • scenes as needed for walk throughs

i will never load the master into a sub-model (i will sometimes load other sub-models into another – for example – i want to cross check a wiring setup vs some wall feature in the framing sub-model, or plumbing sub-model – which i then remove and purge before saving the wiring sub-model).

the master is loaded into the elevations / sections models which simply section the master and provide scenes for my documentation in LO.

so, workflow:

  • template is created (as best as possible) surfaces are simply boxes derived from the floor plans
  • sub-models are created and loaded with the template
  • master is created and sub-models added and aligned
  • refresh as needed
  • elevation / sections models are created and master is inserted
  • elevation / sections scenes created for LO
  • master walk through video and renders are created
  • renders may be included in construction docs

ultimately i have a single master and a single template, many sub-models depending on project complexities, and then one or two section / elevation models, and perhaps the render/walkthrough with many unneeded tagged elements removed to make those processing steps faster.

since each sub-model has it’s own collection of components which mainly tend to be specific to that sub-model, component collisions are few, and the purge of any sub-models for cross-checking are removed.

hope this helps

Thanks for the quick reply. I think we are on the same page. I just haven’t decided if the change of definition names is an issue to watch for. I am trying to leverage the advanced label referencing in LO. There would be a problem if component definition names start appearing with #1 added. Clearing the old version and associated components seems to be the only way to avoid that happening.

I think we need overwite option.
When reloading component, and there is same component definition, we need pop up dialog or something that indicate overwite or incrimental difinition name.
I strongly need this feature to reload component/(group on web versiion) to master model.

the # addendum to the components is normal when multiples with the same definition are added and are unique. so a #1, #2 etc addendum means the definitions are considered unique at that level - the real potential for issues are subcomponents which remain the same definition and thus editing them causes it to span other components considered unique. hence “make deep unique” can be helpful there.