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I have a floor plan for landscaping and have problems creating surfaces. It works for some of the areas but at some point it marks a whole area and I cannot split it into the area I want. Tried to create new lines with but it still wont work.

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The three most important things a beginner needs to understand are Context, Context and Context.

You are trying to split faces by drawing short edges between groups on a flat face.
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So you need to understand the context in which you are creating the edges. They are currently in the context of the raw geometry face and as such need to join within that context.
Groups and components separate geometry, this is a good thing but it also means you need to work within the correct context of the geometry.

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Thank you so much for your feedback!
How can I avoid drawing in context of the raw geometry face?
I tried to make groups and components from the beginning and most of the edges are done correct, how did I end up in raw geometry all of a sudden?
And what do I have to do in order to join edges?

First delete the raw geometry, make it a group or in a group you have, to make sure you don’t have more raw geometry you could get the selection toys plugin, select everything with Ctrl+A then right click, on the contextual menu go to select only/ edges, check the entity info tray to check if you have elements selected if you can’t see anything then delete it.

To avoid having raw geometry you must make groups or components to everything you model or draw as soon as you finish to make the element or even better create some part of the element make it a group/component, get inside it and finish modeling there.

Do you mean weld edges? Sketchup has a native tool to do it, just select the edges you want to weld, right click on them and select weld edges.

I would suggest that you make your floorplan as all raw geometry until such time as you have finished dividing up the faces, then you can group the relevant parts of the geometry.
As you can see here I have exploded all your groups so that you have one piece of raw geometry to work with. I corrected a few issues to split it all up, you can then add and subtract whatever you want in the 2d plan. Then when ready you can select individual or multiple faces to group.
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Thanks! I exploded all the groups. However I still cannot split or mark some faces. Added some screenshots to explain my challenges.

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Realistically, delete your model and start again. You have various errors, inaccuracies and overlaps.
Go to Window/Model Info/Units and turn off Length snapping.
Draw a rectangle larger than you need and create your floorplan on that.
Your issues are fundamentals of the software that should be addressed before needing to ask questions.
Spending some time at the Campus would help you more than I can.

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Go to and learn the basics before diving into the deep end of the pool.
Also the official SketchUp youtube channel is very informative. Search for the Square One series…

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