Mark location on an object located on the opposite side of a see-through hole?

The hole shown in the following images, represent where I would like to place a screw/bolt fastener.

The brown object inside the hole represents where I’d like the bolt the fasten or screw into, to connect yellow structure to it.

I would like to mark the precise area of where the hole intersects with the brown piece (something similar to ‘find center of circle’. Use the move tool to move the yellow piece out of the way. Then from there create the circle, and use the push pull tool to create a bore hole (for thread insert) or a through and through hole for nut.

This is the .skp file:
010_mark_whole.skp (614.1 KB)

if you can use the find center tool, that would get you the center. The inference from the lines inside the hole with the tape tool to get a guide line back to the brown piece. Inside the brown piece, pull a circle out from the inference of that guide line on the surface and then inference its diameter by reference to your smaller hole in the yellow part, then push pull.
There are other ways too. You could copy the smaller circle in the yellow part , make it a face/group it and then push pull it back through the brown part and use it as a cutter ( intersect it with the brown panel and delete the hole)

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