March 2024 Developer Meetup

Hello Developers, it is time for another Developer MeetUp, on our scheduled date, the first Wednesday of the month 2024-03-06T15:00:00Z.

March MeetUp - Chris Fulmer

Chris is going to take some time to talk to us about iconography in the world of SketchUp extensions.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!


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I am looking forward to listening to Chris’ take on iconography.

Good icon and tool visuals are still underused. People often make icons that look kind of cute, and then move on. But we should do better.

As a professional extension developer, I am especially interested in hearing about iconography as a visual-semantic system.

When you are whipping up a plugin with just three buttons, this is one thing. However, if you are creating a more complex software, containing perhaps 60 or 120 operations, some of which are functionally close, others distant, and they all need different icons, the problem is elevated into a higher order.

So I would like to know:

• What are the best guiding principles and practices for designing a large icon library that is semantically and visually coherent yet differentiated?

An additional criterion for us extension developers is that our iconography should blend in well with the host application’s visual language.

The solution to this more general problem will contain the solution to the smaller problem of iconising a three-button extension.

I’m asking also because Sketchup itself has been facing just this same problem, and tried to come up with a solution. Sketchup’s recent iconography refresh is a stab to solve just this problem. While not perfect, I think the recent iconography refresh has many merits that the original set was lacking. I hope that the team responsible for redesigning Sketchup’s iconography will be contributing.

Also, whatever the contents,

• Would you please write down and illustrate the iconography guidelines and publish them?


Sounds interesting, I am curious on what the feedback has been with the recent changes to the icons within SketchUp.