Mapping issues with v-ray 2019

Hello community, I recently started using v-ray 2019 and I am having a mapping issue with 2d components. the components are showing a white edge or white box. I used to be able to fix this in previous versions of v-ray, but I have not been able to fix it on v-ray version 2019, see images attached![image|690x311](upload://1F2Z8PsywKn28m


please any help will be greatly appreciated

Which version specifically of V-Ray are you using? V-Ray does not use v2018, v2019, etc like SketchUp does. The older version was v2…then v3.4, v3.6 and now NEXT, ie. v4.10.02.

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Hi there, thanks so much for your response. here is what I found under the v-ray info
I beileve is version 4.00.02

Have you checked to make sure that ‘Use Diffuse as Alpha’ is checked for those 2D png images?

Thanks so much everyone for your help and input. I was able to resolve the issue with your guidance.