Many models for you

I have many 3d models that I would like to share in 3D warehouse but I can not upload them because the file format is not supported.

How can I convert a .zae file into another format that is supported for all.

My files are worked in Esko studio and its format is .zae no .dae

Can anybody help me

The 3D Warehouse is meant for SketchUp models. Since you had SketchUp 2016 Pro, you could make SketchUp files from your models and then upload them to the 3D Warehouse.

From their web site:
a Collada archive (.zae) file is an archive that contains the original Collada file (.dae), all additional artwork and material files, and additional information.

ā€˜zā€™ usually represents a zipped file, such as .kmz is a zipped .kml file. Unzip it, import the Collada file into SketchUp, save, upload to 3D Warehouse.