Making part fit

Okay after I get the ripping parts loose fixed ! I want to make a part for the cover of a item and the holes HAVE to be at like 1.935 apart center line ! . . I have made the holes a bit larger so as to allow some slop ( made them .200 in diameter and got to change that to metric I see or things just do not work ) . . Glad I got Convert All in Linux for doing the conversions for me and that is 5.08 diameter for holes and 49.149 for distance between holes . .

You’re probably not getting replies because the question (if there is one) is not so clear.

I get the part about the centerline distance, and the conversion results. But any information as to WHY the parts aren’t fitting, or for that matter just an overview of the larger picture is vague to me.

RE: Conversions, and being on the internet as often as you are… Have you ever tried looking at all the math functions which are possible just within the search bar of say Bing, or Google?

Typing in a search term such as: 1.935in = mm is all it takes to get the results you’re looking for.

For simple (and increasingly even advanced) math you can pretty much leave the calculator, or the apps, in the drawer so to speak – and just enter in your equation as a search term.

Don’t track the in to mm conversion problem, you cannot just change model units or??. The STL format is numeric so guess you can change scale by units you put in. Not ruby coder here so not 100% sure what they do.
I have seen post on Shapeways and I would guess Capinc or someothers would have info on allowances for fits etc. also.The one at Shapeways was for snap on parts. The print technology use, the printer capability and how well its calibrated will also come into play. Some low end machines will probably have cheap servo drivers other stepper motors. Pulling allowances for question like has two chances of correctness; Slim and none(:
Check Capinc and Stratasys I am always getting Webaniar links from them on materials, printers and SOA.
Good Luck

That is okay figured out how to get the holes in the right spot now . . Just took some playing with them . . Just slow on learning I guess . .