Making myself Component Author?

Hi, new here. I tried searching a bunch of places but I really haven’t found the answer to what seems to be an obvious question. Maybe it’s just me, sorry.

I have a 3D warehouse account. I’m signed into it. In SketchUp Make 2014 (free version), I’ve claimed authorship of my model in the Model Info pane. But no matter what I do, I never show up as a Component Author in the model pane, and all the components I make are listed as by Unknown.

Am I stupid, or is there something wrong? Can someone please explain in small words how I become the author of my own components? Thank you.

Save the file and import it into another file. This feature works only when you imports models in other models.

I think you need to Right-Click your component and select “Save-as”, it’ll save component a bit differently, and then (as anme stated), when you import the component, it’ll show up.

Saving the component using the regular File->Save, only saves your model space with the component inside, it doesn’t save the component as a individual object.
This is my best guess. Hope it makes sense.

Hello @quantj!

I use the regular File -> Save and works for me. When i use the right button for save the component, the component still unclaimed. :confused:

To save a Component…
Use the component context menu command Save As, which creates a new SKP file.

To Claim Credit as Component Author…
Go to the folder where you saved that new SKP component file.
Double-click on the file to open it in SketchUp.

Notice in the Model Info - Credits panel that the Claim Credit button is grayed out.
What to do?

Here’s the trick…

Take the Line tool and draw a line somewhere in empty space away from the model.
Now notice in the Model Info - Credits panel that the Claim Credit button is active.
Then … Claim Credit > Erase the Line > File Save > File Exit

Now when you import the component into a new model file you’ll see yourself in the Component Authors list.

You’ll find the Claim Credit method described above in Scene 9 of this SketchUp tutorial model.
Saving DCs and Uploading Them to 3D Warehouse — Tutorial Model by SketchUp

This SketchUp Help article describes the Claim Credit method in detail.
Using the Credits Feature — SketchUp Help


Excellent, thanks to everybody for your replies!


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Is there a semi-simple way to automate assigning component authorship to ones self (via a Ruby script, perhaps)? I have hundreds and hundreds of components, all of which have been Context-menu > Save-As’d into their own .SKP files during the past few years. I don’t have the patience to go through the above procedure (open file, draw a line, claim credit, delete line, close file) for each of them.