Making Imported Rhino framework into a solid (planes to apply materials without redrawing)


I had a file sent to me from rhino, I work in sketchup (still very new to it) and all of the desk lines come in as framework. Attempting to draw over to have a face to apply material will take me forever. Is there a way to make the object have faces to apply materials without re-drawing over all the framework? Any help is much appreciated! I can’t upload the file to the site to as it says its too large.


Check out Eneroths Face Creator extension. It can skin co-planer edges of a wireframe.


Why not ask the person who sends you these to export them from Rhino directly to the SketchUp (.skp) format. It might make sense to convert the model to meshes and polyreduce them before exporting. Out of the box, Rhino’s exporter creates quite high-polygon meshes.