Making Dynamic Brace

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is a way to make a bracing for a construction floor by first click on the Arrow at the bottom and then at the top. After that is loads a (dynamic) brace from the first point to the second point. (see second picture what the result should be)

Thank you.

looks more like a job for a ruby tool, @slbaumgartner’s diagonal beam plugin could be recast with some fixed parameters…

but, I’m not sure if he ever released it…


That would require a custom Ruby tool to do that, in that order.

But you could have a 45 diagonal brace component, that was constrained to uniform scaling, and insert it at bottom point, then scale to meet top point.

Never released it, but I could if there is a need…

Yes I was thinking on a ruby plugin. The floor in the picture is also build with ruby code. But diagonal braces are eassier to add on the way I explaned. Only thing I don’t know to code is 2 points clicking and than it draws a brace in between.

the linetool.rd example script is the base of many point to point plugins…

it’s almost a ‘Rights of Passage’ to make a tool based on it…


Oké thanks that’s a good starting point I guess. Will give it a try

here a gif of one I made using it…

you select any two points and it makes a sphere…

a brace should be easier…


see topic “Revit-like Adaptive Component”

Thanks for all the tips. Going to work on it and will let it know if it’s working

Thanks pcmoor.

With the code you can find in the example and replace that by your own DC and some other little changes it’s working.
Could do a lot of things with this code :slight_smile:

For an other DC i need more than two insert points, like the Line tool from sketchup, so you can click as many times as you want. Is that possible and maybe there is a way to connect the edges together?


I believe Profile Builder would be perfect for the kind of geometry you’ve shown in your example. It contains an auto-trimming tool too. It is a well thought-out plugin.

There maybe a free version that has less functionality but I am not sure,


I already tried profile builder and it’s a good program. But for our company I like to use an own plugin because it’s eassier for us in use.

But im going to think in a solution with 2 point insert. And maybe someone has an answer later for more point insert