Making an elbow piece


I need to make an elbow piece but am a bit stumped. Can someone help me?


You only need a path and the follow me tool for this…

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Thank you so much! I learned something valuable today! :smile:


I also need to add a Thanks!! I would do the red and blue axis line from the centers only and would not draw the two from the edge. Then wonder why I would sometimes get tangent to vertex instead of tangent to edge, after I would apply the arc at the mid-point. This assures a “clean” elbow being tangent to the edge. But from the vertex you have to go in and hide it with the eraser w/Shift as it wont soften out and you still see that it is “off”. Newbie looking to learn!! THANKS!!


Here’s more abut the Follow Me tool…


Thanks for the extra materials, I like this one and have it and a few others bookmarked. There are 3 for inferencing and one for intersecting w/model and selection that I need to go back to. I know it will become second nature after more time.I am also learning the basics of HTML/CSS and J script so I am pushing the noodle very hard. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL!!!


mrwmrutski: There are no true tangents in SU per the classical definition except some pathological case you can construct using straight lines. Cotty’s tuturioal avoids the problem of being" off" in a very subtle way, watch it again.
When you draw an ARC and get the magenta tangent inference and check at radius / vertex point you will find the angle is really not 90 degs. If you have the follow me tool extrude end- end no problem because of straight lines. For elbow ending on faces it will be a little "off’ or you or need add some short straight line snippets



Cool and thanks, another pearl of wisdom. Being new and knowing my tendencies I was sure I was doing something wrong being I would get a good fit on one model. Then trying it on another instance I would get what Geo provided, as of the left side example. Being able to get solid explanations is assume, knowing why it is not working is equally important then getting it right. THANKS!!