Making an 8-segment arc while restricting its segment length

I write my own. :wink:
I don’t think it’s documented anywhere.

You were right! When I scaled back down, I was off by about 4 ten thousandths of a millimeter.
Darn! :wink:

And of course that sort of terrible inaccuracy will completely spoil your space-rocket engine’s design and manufacture.
So in such cases please don’t use SketchUp at all !

But for anything else [i.e. almost everything else!] that requires more down-to-earth sensible tolerances SketchUp works just fine…

After all, being able to model something to less that the thickness of a gnat’s eyelash, doesn’t mean that it could ever be manufactured or built to that level of accuracy anyway - so that’s why the designers of SketchUp choose 1/1000" tolerance - almost all things can be modeled and then made with those limits: of course for superfine 3dPrinting the now famous ‘DaveMethod’ of scaling a component-instance-copy up x1000 before operations likely to [fail to] create very tiny edges, allows you to have much finer geometry retained inside the ‘original’ sized instance…

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Even my example with 12.700000 isn’t exact. It could very well be 12.7000004 or 12.6999996 or some value in between. I didn’t bother with scaling anything.

p.s. my goal was to demonstrate that both centerpoints are in fact not that far apart, far less than 5mm.

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