Making a usable .stl file

I use Make2016 because my computers (especially my lappie) do not have hardware acceleration and probably never will. My focus in computers is CPU speed and RAM, not the video card. My need for this CAD package is 3D printing only.

Something has changed on your software since 2016, The .stl pug in worked then as intended, the current version is outputting X2 scaling when exporting using mm.


Have you tried scaling the model down to 1/2 size, then exporting the .stl?

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Or is there an import scale factor within your slicer program? Can you export a 1m x1m x1m cube and upload the exported stl-file?

Noticed same thing. I am not sure what cause the problem, because sometimes everything works and scale is right and sometimes wrong.

My primary units are always [cm] or [mm]. During importing STL into slicer I am getting this message.scale

Choosing Yes or No, gives me wrong scale. To avoid this I am always checking model height in slicer.