Making a hole in a curved surface

There do seem to be a lot of internal faces and other problems. I wonder about the modeling workflow because this doesn’t seem like the sort of thing where all those internal faces should have been created.

If you look closely at the arch under the roof, it appears that different curves were used which has resulted in a bunch of odd geometry.

I tried drawing it in two different ways, Dave.

First, as a series of separate components - corner post, roof, arch lintel, window frame elements, etc. It produced a terrible print, even though all the sub components were solid, and (I thought) butted tightly.

Then tried by starting with just two components - the roof, then a set of four vertical walls, which I then carved holes and grooves in using a mix of pushpull and Intersect Faces - the result which you see.

The result kept becoming non-solid, and I simply couldn’t fix it properly.

I can’t recall ANY other model I’ve had so much difficulty with drawing, and I still don’t really understand where or how it went wrong. I was using careful inferencing wherever possible, and have always modelled with Length Snapping off. But SU would frequently just not snap to an existing corner or edge, in spite of modelling at 1000x full size.

The end result in print is fine, but the underlying model is not, and I simply couldn’t fix it.

Do you mind if I give it a try? No guarantees but maybe…

I got interrupted helping someone else but here’s what I ended up with. I made a few small cosmetic changes and fixed a few weird dimensions but the overall dimensions are the same. Never any internal faces or stray edges and when I made it a component, it was solid right away. It’s also a single component for the entire thing. Probably not good enough but it at least looks the part.

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Dave, I’ve just seen this. Thank you very much.