Making a 3D Model From Pictures

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to make a model of my old knife, and I’m having trouble.
Is there a way I can get this done so I can change parts of the design? And if not, can one of you help me?


Hello there. While it’s not impossible to replicate the knife in 3D, it will require quite some experience. How familiar are you with SketchUp? There are several ways you can model it.

  • You could import high-resolution photos into SketchUp and trace them with the drawing tools (Line, Arc, etc). Then, when you’re finished, you could scale the whole thing to make it 1:1. I searched the Net and found some pictures of your “The Defender 440 Stainless Steel”. Here they are:

  • Or you could physically take measurements of your knife and try to model it from scratch without any visual reference. This will probably require more skill but at least it will be precise in size.

To give you a hint, separate the knife to parts to make your work easier. Build the handle first, then the blade or vice versa. Good luck! :slight_smile: