Make user needs a terrain mesh

Hi everybody,
Here’s my problem, I have no way to get an Internet connection this, my internet provider is having lots of problem these days and I really need an existing terrain mesh.
Could anybody send to me via email ‘’ the whole terrain mesh corresponding to the Nosy Be island with the little island aside too on its south-east, all this being at north west of Madagascar. What I need is especially the south of that island.
This is very important for me. Having recently moved out, I have no one nearby me to help me for that.

Exactly which region do you require?

@jody, is it allowed now for Pro users to provide terrain mesh / aerial imagery to SketchUp Make users ?

Nosy Be island in Madagascar

Perhaps it could be as a commercial service.

Which would imply a commercial use ? Which made me wonder, which is why I asked.

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